Kaustubh Radkar – Has Training got you down in the dumps?

A lot of times during training we have these patches where you hit a snag. You cant seem to hit your paces, it feels like everyone else around you is just zooming by, but you are not moving at all. Every bad swim/bike/run then leads to a bunch of negative thoughts, should I even run, why am I even running, why is everyone around me getting better, maybe I am just not cut out to swim/bike/run?

I have always said, that one good run or one bad run doesnt justify you, imagine if you only had good days or bad day then life would either be too boring or too sad. Similarly with everything we do there is a hit or miss ratio too. Look at me in last month I have done 3 runs, post hamburg I havent even had energy to get back to regular paces baring last Thursday.

At some point we all will hit a flatline, its common, it happens to the best of the best and us amatuers as well. The key is to be open with me, or your coach and figure out what is happening. Is it your diet that is not optimal, is it stress at work or in personal life, is it your strength routine or lack of? “Everybody hurts sometimes, you are not alone.”

The answers will come only if, you sit and figure it out. I had the opportunity to do that with a couple people, and they both have had a fresh outlook. I have always said “choose your ironman.” Just because rest of the world i doing a marathon or half marathon doesnt mean you have to. Your goal can be to improve youre 5/10k times, or a sprint tri and thats completely ok, you are in charge of you, not facebook or instagram. Theres a lot of senior athletes on various groups who have gone through what I have written above, who know in this low phase just hang on, lean on me/ us and you will soon snag out of this small bump in the road to enjoy the highs.

If you stay positive between your eyes, then you will slay that demon inside you in no time. The key is to keep hanging on, keep showing up, keep cheering and you will be jumping across hurdles like no tomorrow. Have faith in yourself, Because I HAVE faith in you. 🙏🏻💪🏻 ~ KBR 03/09/2018
I had written this for RadStrong Coaching Academy group, but I was advised to share with anyone who could be needing a little motivation to kick it up a notch.